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Bike customise services

Bike Services & Rentals


Scavengers offers a range of products designed to care about the environmental footprint that we leave in our lives.

Bamboo is an excellent organic material with strong structural characteristics that create a new experience riding a bike and different concepts about sustainability in the cycle trade.

Bamboo bikes

Recycle products

We give a second life that is done with the cycle of life. Creating a different product makes it useful again. We are reducing the waste of prime material helping to reduce our food print. 

Using a mix of materials we develop a  bike frame that is 100% reparable and sustainable using natural qualities to apply a mechanic use giving a better cycle of life  


The Beach Workshop

Kings Road Arches, 250E Kings Rd, Brighton BN2 1TD, UK.

Mr Fix it - Scavenger

Unit 1 Industrial House, Conway Street, Hove BN3 3LW, UK


Text or call.

Contact: 07379 388339

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